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Manga Studio Debut 4.2.2

Bring your manga characters to life!

Manga Studio Debut is a complex - but hugely powerful - solution for stunning, ready-to-publish manga and comics. View full description


  • Excellent selection of drawing tools
  • Can add effects, speech bubbles, color, etc
  • Can create own graphics, scan or import files


  • Hard to know where to start
  • Using the program is not always intuitive

Very good

Manga Studio Debut is a complex - but hugely powerful - solution for stunning, ready-to-publish manga and comics.

The main Manga Studio Debut interface is a little reminiscent of Photoshop - it certainly has just as many mystifying buttons. In fact, having experience with Photoshop or similar programs will definitely help you, as some concepts - such as layers, a magic brush and the history window - are very similar. Of course, Manga Studio Debut is intended to help you draw your own characters and create manga strips, or stories, as Manga Studio Debut calls it. To that end, it has a huge selection of sketching, drawing and character tools that will allow you to put the characters in your head on the screen in front of you.

Like many complex programs, Manga Studio Debut is difficult to get the hang of. It has a feature called Dynamic Help which tells you what each of the options do, and a certain amount of documentation is available from the developer's website. Other than that, you'll have to look to the Internet for help taking your first steps in Manga creation. If you get the hang of it quickly, Manga Studio Debut is certainly a very complete program that should meet all your needs, but it will take patience. Don't expect miracles too quickly!

Manga Studio Debut is full of great creative features, but will take most people a while to grasp.


  • his update provides full support for Intuos4, fixes to the Brush Control Pen Tilt/Direction/Axis Rotation feature, a counterclockwise page rotate option added to the default page tool bar at the top, as well as various other improvements.

Manga Studio Debut supports the following formats

Manga Studio Debut exports jpg, bmp, psd, tga*, png*, tiff* and pict* files.

Manga Studio Debut


Manga Studio Debut 4.2.2

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    for say the truth, I was a pretty happy when I found that program. I've 3 blogs and I made videoclips etc....   More